Meet Oren!

Hi I’m Oren Levy, I’m the Director of Communications and Media for Emerging Transformational Ventures. We are a strategic business development and mergers and acquisitions firm so in short we help companies grow, we help them either be acquired, secure investment, acquire other companies or just grow their business. We do that through helping them with their sales, with their marketing, we do video production, website development, financial modelling, leadership training, sales training, we host seminars for entrepreneurs and workshops to help them with their leadership development, with their business acumen, with their financial management. In short, we’re a one stop shop that helps businesses with everything they need to grow.


Networking is a great tool for me and my business because I work with a lot of entrepreneurs and business owners, people looking to grow personally and professionally and those are the kind of people that you usually find at networking events so people come to our seminars, we get clients from them all the time as well as our role with businesses is to help them with really everything they need to grow their business. You meet a lot of useful people in that regard too that can help our clients and that we can work with together. I form some really great relationships from networking. I can think of one example of someone I met. It was more of even a casual networking event, not business related. He was a Professor at a university but he was also in the infancy thinking of starting a business and we talked a little bit and did a little video commercial for him and that got him started thinking and he decided to do a crowd funding campaign, thinking of raising maybe five to ten thousand dollars. We helped him out with that, managed the campaign, shot another video for him and helped him get some press and some social media marketing involved with that and he ended up raising two hundred and eighty thousand dollars to start the business. So now they’re moving into production and the business is really going well and we’ve had a great working relationship for about two years now. When it all started at a network event, we were just talking about astronomy and random stuff like that and now two years later, it’s still going strong and it all came from networking.


I recommend that you network because business is all about people, it’s all about connections and it’s not just about who you know and how they can help you but it’s really about connecting with other people, learning about them, meeting people in all different industries and helping find, not just what you wan tot do, but where you fit in with the whole community at large. You can meet some really, really great people like Toletha, is an amazing person who puts on great networking events and allows you to meet all kinds of great people so I recommend you do it. Expand your horizons, meet new people. Just go up and say hello.



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