Meet Martin!

Hi my name is Martin Petoyan and I work for New York Life in the business of Insurance and Financial Services. I teach my clients how to be financially responsible for a living. That could entail a realm of things so everything from basic life insurance to retirement planning, investments, college funding if they have kids. For my business owner clients I will help them, whether it be for themselves or for their employees, maximizing returns while minimizing taxes and risk and for the more affluent clientele, I teach them how to pass on their estate along to the next generation without being overburdened by taxes and risk.

So I like to network for two reason. One of them for work and the other for the personal aspect of things. For work it’s mainly to get my name out there, it’s basically branding for myself because the more people I bump into the more possibility of somebody needing my product and services. Aside from that, the personal reason for networking is, it’s always nice to have a network of individuals in case I or my clients need a product or service. I know that if I ever need something, I have somebody to go to right of the bat instead of having to search or Google or if I’m in front of a client and I figure they might need some product or service, I can bring some added value there by saying “I have a person who can help you out with that”.

I would honestly recommend that everybody go out there and network. Even if you don’t have a —— service to offer, it’s always good to know people, it’s always good to have people in your back pocket in case you need a product or service and it’s always nice to go to somebody where you have a relationship with rather than just going on Google and hoping you find that right person.


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