Meet Christopher Scully!


I’m Chris Scully, I’m the owner of Practical Business Solutions. We’re a business coaching company. We work with all kinds of businesses no matter what size. Our goal is to help our clients become more successful and we do that using the Hubbard Management System which is one the most widely used management systems in the world

Well the reason I network is because it gets me clients. It’s really as simple as that. I’ve gone to events where I’ve had a client sign up within a very short period of time after meeting her. Other clients have taken a bit more follow up because that’s a really important aspect of networking, you have to follow up. I’m a huge advocate of networking because it works. I think everybody can benefit from networking.

So why do I network? Basically it works and the reason everybody should do it is because you meet people face to face. You can send out mailings, you can send out emails, you can do social media and that’ll all give people some idea about your business and who you are to varying degrees but it’s nothing like when you meet somebody face to face. When you meet somebody face to face you’re more real to them. You can get a lot more information on me from my website than you will very likely at a networking event but that’s nothing like meeting me. When you meet me or when I meet you, then there’s that much more reality between us. I’m the bald guy with the glasses, you’re the whatever and you remember that and so you get more traction with people when you network and you meet people face to face. The other thing I think is important about networking and the other real key benefit for any business is that everybody that you meet at a networking event is important and here’s what I mean. I work with business owners and not everybody that I meet at networking events owns their own business. Some of them work for big companies, some of them work for small companies, they’re employees, they’re unemployed sometimes and they’re looking for jobs, that’s why they’re there. But I know for sure that every single one of them knows somebody that owns a business. So when I meet them, I treat them all the same, I work with them, I call them, I follow-up, I email them because their connection, whoever that might be, is the kind of person that could be a prospect for my business. So networking opens up a lot of doors that you don’t necessarily open up with other types of promotion or marketing or PR.

So based on my experience networking should be an important part of any business’s marketing plan. So get out and network.

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