Master The Digital World!!!

As we all know, everything is done online. From reviewing bank statements, to buying groceries, everything is digital. Due to the fact that we live in such a digital world, it is prevalent to understand the digital psychology that is so necessary in maintaining and growing your business. Brian Cugelman is the Digital Psychologist!

Brian received an invitation to The Pentagon in order to educate them on targeted and effective digital strategies. He has created a workshop in which he teaches everyday business owners how to take control over their digital marketplace!

The science behind this workshop is published in the world’s top scientific e-health journal. There are amazing testimonials from Salesforce, Samsung and numerous massive companies/organizations. However, small businesses and individual contractors have also expressed their appreciation.

The workshop teaches people to realize how much of human to human psychology applies to human to technology. Then the workshop shows people the subtle ways that this operates and after, people never look at websites and mobile apps in the same way.

Don’t miss out on your chance to book a seat at this valuable workshop!



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No formal education required, however, to get the most out of the course, you should be using digital media to some extent, ideally in some communications, marketing, UX, design or project management capacity. And, ideally, you should own or manage some social media accounts.





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