PYO Art Gallery!

PYO is an amazing venue that you should keep in mind while planing your next networking event! Visit PYO!

The Beauty of Networking!

Name a business or, entrepreneur that doesn’t need clients, and I can name something that doesn’t exist. In reality we all need for people to know who we are what we do and how we do it. Networking is that outlet and most importantly sharpens your skills as an overall business professional. NETWORKING is the […]

The Caña Rum Bar is great for networking events!

  The Caña Rum Bar is truly a Hidden Gem! Network in Style went to take a look at the stylish Caña Rum Bar. We went on the night of one of their signature rum tastings! (It was absolutely marvelous!) Here are a few things we found out! This venue can hold up to 120 people (This is […]

Learn from the Master – Sushi Making Class – Rolls

  Come Join Chef Kaz Matsune for fun, educational and the most delicious Sushi Class. Great for sushi lovers, couples, families and first-time sushi cooks. Since 2011, Kaz Matsune has quietly teaching sushi classes to over 2,000 people, bringing over 14 years of professional culinary experience. His class and private dinner events have been receiving […]