The Fortune Is In The Follow Up!

Networking events are ideal forums for meeting professionals in a vast plethora of occupations. In order to leverage the relationships that you form in such events, it is critical to adopt the right follow up process. When follow-ups are done correctly, the benefits can be immense. The correct follow up should take the following steps: […]

Meet Christopher Scully!

  I’m Chris Scully, I’m the owner of Practical Business Solutions. We’re a business coaching company. We work with all kinds of businesses no matter what size. Our goal is to help our clients become more successful and we do that using the Hubbard Management System which is one the most widely used management systems […]

Meet Oren!

Hi I’m Oren Levy, I’m the Director of Communications and Media for Emerging Transformational Ventures. We are a strategic business development and mergers and acquisitions firm so in short we help companies grow, we help them either be acquired, secure investment, acquire other companies or just grow their business. We do that through helping them […]

Meet Martin!

Hi my name is Martin Petoyan and I work for New York Life in the business of Insurance and Financial Services. I teach my clients how to be financially responsible for a living. That could entail a realm of things so everything from basic life insurance to retirement planning, investments, college funding if they have kids. For my business owner clients I […]

The Beauty of Networking!

Name a business or, entrepreneur that doesn’t need clients, and I can name something that doesn’t exist. In reality we all need for people to know who we are what we do and how we do it. Networking is that outlet and most importantly sharpens your skills as an overall business professional. NETWORKING is the […]

Master The Digital World!!!

As we all know, everything is done online. From reviewing bank statements, to buying groceries, everything is digital. Due to the fact that we live in such a digital world, it is prevalent to understand the digital psychology that is so necessary in maintaining and growing your business. Brian Cugelman is the Digital Psychologist! Brian […]

Technology Investor Forum 2015

OCTANe’s Technology Investor Forum (TIF) showcases the best of SoCal innovation. From investment presentations to keynote speakers to industry discussions, this is Southern California’s premier investment conference. OCTANe connects people and ideas with capital and resources to fuel technology growth in Orange County. Each year, OCTANe hosts two Signature Events to showcase and promote innovation […]