The Caña Rum Bar is great for networking events!

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The Caña Rum Bar is truly a Hidden Gem! Network in Style went to take a look at the stylish Caña Rum Bar. We went on the night of one of their signature rum tastings! (It was absolutely marvelous!)

Here are a few things we found out!

  • This venue can hold up to 120 people (This is perfect for the larger networking events.)
  • They do have networking events frequently (Easy for Organizers)
  • There busy nights are the usual for downtown which is great for organizers to snag a slower night in the early part of the week. (When most professionals are open to network!)
  • To schedule an event simply make reservation or call and ask to speak with their amazing manager.

For more information on how to schedule your next Networking event at the Caña Rum Bar, call them at (213) 745-7090 and speak with Ervin!


Stay tuned for more fun places like this one!


As always “Network in Style”!

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